Unleash your charts
Goodbye Copy/Paste
Leave the office before midnight
Simplify your life
Save yourself and your staff countless hours of error-prone tedium.
Chartstream extracts your charts and tables from Excel automatically
and places them in PowerPoint, Outlook, or disk files.

how it works

ChartStream walks you through four easy steps: 
  • Choose the Excel files.
  • Choose the charts and tables in the Excel files.
  • Choose the destination – email, PowerPoint or PNG’s.
  • Choose output parameters – recipients and subject for email, PowerPoint filename, or disk folder for PNG’s. 
Click Finish – ChartStream does the work, almost instantly.

who uses it

Financial Analysts
No need to send the workbook to your presentation developers – let ChartStream send the charts as individual files, or build the presentation draft yourself with a few clicks and then send the deck to your presentation developers.
Presentation Developers
You’re the presentation developer. The analysts usually send you their workbooks. You tediously copy and paste charts into PowerPoint. No more! ChartStream extracts them with a few clicks, creating the PowerPoint presentation for you.
Sales Team
You’re on the sales team. You report sales monthly, creating PowerPoint presentations to display your graphs and tables. Now, let ChartStream do the grunt work of generating the presentation from the source data in Excel.


ChartStream runs in Windows.
You must have Excel already installed.
PowerPoint and Outlook
PowerPoint and Outlook are required to use those features.

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